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Size: 6 to 12 inches in length. Life expectancy: 20-40 years Group or solo: Sliders do just fine solo. They can be housed together if the following guidelines are followed; have turtles that are similar in size, monitor feeding to ensure all turtles are getting enough to eat, have an extra large basking station or multiple basking stations, increase the enclosure size by 20 gallons minimum for ...
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Hi all! I live in the Boulder Colorado area. I have set up a tortoise enclosure for a small tortoise friend. I would prefer a greek, Russian, or herman. Any suggestions on where I can find one in Colorado, or if there are any breeders in colorado?
over a month agoBoulder, CO+27 milesReptilesWantedReport Listing
Hi, I am looking for a red foot tortoise willing to drive and pick up if the tortoise is in one of the near by states.
over a month agoWheat Ridge, CO+6 milesReptilesOfferedReport Listing
Draco arrived with us, in rough condition. Lack of proper lighting and proper feeding, Draco has grown weak and was not initially eating or moving much. After some care, he is doing much better! He's more mobile and has a great apatite! Draco would t...
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